Catrice Feathered Fall luxury lacquer Limited Edition

Catrice Feathered Fall luxury lacquer

Limited Edition

From september 2014 to november 2014


A stunning nail polish by Catrice in limited edition called Feathered Fall luxury lacquer reference C03 Skies’ Force.

It seemed to me so gorgeous in the bottle but after applying it on my nails, I then saw how magical it is.  See by yourself !


I like :

Obviously the color 

The opacity (one coat is enough, I therefore put two coats to get a big sparkle effect)

His price: 3,45 €

The brightness (I did not apply any top coat)


I like a little bit less :

The drying, it takes time to be totally dry, nearly ten minutes


For those who are interested with all the cosmectics by Catrice, here is their website :

You will find all the queries you need to know, all the newest products are listed and also all the limited edition and moreover (videos, pictures, stepbystep...)

Enjoy navigating and thanks for reading me, see you soon  Sourire









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